Winter dog show Nitra /SK/



C.I.B. Royal Romance BAXXTER - res.CAC/ 3 in champions 

Judge: Olga Dolejšová /CZ/

joko top fb

My proud boy "Joko" - photo taken in autumn, but had not the time to show it yet so... adore :)



Vasart NA POLE ON POBEDITEL - Very prominsing 1 

New import of my dear friend Oľga Dašková from Russia on his very first dog show in Slovakia.

top polik


C.I.B. DOGONI MENJA Mraja - Ex1+ BIS of all dogs from honor class !!!

TOP dogi bedna


Top dogzsuj



BAMBI LOU Marsh-Mallow Life - Ex.1 CAJC/5 + JBIG !!!

On our very first dog show together and just 12 months old!


Flat coated retriever

DYNAMIC FORCE Black Avatar - Very promising 1

JCH.CORLEONE Black Avatar - res.CAC/3 



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