Show marathon in Hunngary and Slovakia




JCH. Masterpiece Elensis - The Royal Choice 

(CH. Angel´s Pride Kasanova x CH. Chante z Vrchu Kralu)


2x JCAC (HPJ), 2x JBOB, BOS on Thursday and BOB on Friday!

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 Very proud of our Nicky which is only 15 months old and beated the adults dogs both days!

and Emma? 

emma buda

Our Emma was also a brave girl during this show marathon.

Bohemia Brilliant 

In Budapest - 2x CAC, r.CACIB 

In Bratislava - CAJC, JBOB, JBIG TOP 3 !!!


On Saturday during the Victory show in Bratislava was shown our veteran girl.

CH. Artemis from Semiramida´s garden 

Ex.1 & Victory Veteran Winner 


Very happy from all my doggies :)

More results from these shows (handling of other dogs) very soon.



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